Tweets of 14th May


RT @gradualcolours: The CGs, cards, and renders for the "Vagabond Scout" featuring Kuro, Souma, Keito, and Hiiro are in the drive folders n…
05-14 15:36

RT @ephemeral_smile: PSA/general reminder that every day on enstars!! basic, one event and one gacha story from ! is fully unlocked for you…
05-14 15:33

RT @royalquintet: Hello again! Today I bring another idol story: this one's Arashi's idol story 1! 🎀...in which Arashi (almost) stress ea…
05-14 15:23

RT @sdurorhr: スカラビア https://t.co/A1dhEAWDHJ
05-14 15:23

RT @mitaikens: motorshow (2020) https://t.co/Xt1V8uMRXH
05-14 12:29

RT @abbabananaaa: bagel boy junior........ #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/S0OM7BoOrF
05-14 12:28

RT @DamanMills: “How’s the home recording going?” they ask. https://t.co/8a29jlxlhw
05-14 12:26

RT @geoffkeighley: This. Is. PlayStation 5. In Real Time. And it’s gameplay of a new demo created by @epicgames https://t.co/4jariz10zg
05-14 12:24

RT @akiratotsuka: https://t.co/an3mGmwAfr
05-14 12:23

RT @OhSoPrecious16: I recreated the "Who Broke It?" scene from Parks and Rec with my Animal Crossing villagers https://t.co/ya8cXntaBF
05-14 12:23

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