Tweets of 22nd May


RT @CrimblySun: More oldies, from 2016. A shame not to do anything with all that beautiful hair, imo. #FFVII #FFVIIRemake https://t.co/yfuo
05-22 23:53

RT @hibakuja: 🔴 https://t.co/5hc6icsorn
05-22 23:52

RT @fyodorai: villains are TERRIBLE and BAD and EVIL blah blah blah https://t.co/90pS7uF9ar
05-22 23:14

RT @shrylia: As long as I’m with you#sheraspoilers #shera #catradora https://t.co/WOaMxuecKP
05-22 23:10

RT @genfuyuislife: a quick wrong hordak because i love him#SheRa #SheRaSpoilers https://t.co/UUpvTXgeNT
05-22 23:10

RT @Ayshiun: Coco!#acnh https://t.co/tl6vPoyMkg
05-22 23:09

RT @vanilla_mp3: SGDKSKJ this is why the live action AA movie is surprisingly better than you’d expect https://t.co/jL6WPn00Mc
05-22 23:08

RT @dmbakura: my tribute to season 5 😭 // #catradora #sheraS5spoilers #shera https://t.co/uUbDzKrLhX
05-22 23:08

RT @TKMZ0: 青薔薇の花言葉#spop #entrapdak https://t.co/q7i4rlSZ6j
05-22 20:32

RT @twst_jp: 【召喚告知】リリアとシルバーのカード新登場を記念して、5月25日16:00より「リリア&シルバー ピックアップ召喚」を開催予定です。本召喚では、SR リリア[実験着]やSR シルバー[実験着]が新登場いたします。詳細はゲーム内お知らせをご覧く…
05-22 19:18

RT @_duvi10: *melog voice* I know your gay #sheraspoilers https://t.co/ElSnl1R58N
05-22 16:00

RT @ke02152: ジュン https://t.co/R3Z9UGsMRO
05-22 15:51

RT @zadakoland: Iba a ser un simple mame pero me emocione pintándolo X'D #SheRa #Entrapta #Hordak #Entrapdak #FanArt https://t.co/1aK1OZHw
05-22 09:06

RT @kadeart: Wings https://t.co/oesjihcV9h
05-22 09:04

RT @marlowedobbe: Every damn day https://t.co/4bFaoWSSiE
05-22 09:04

RT @hyogonosuke: あつ森ファンアートまとめ①#どうぶつの森 #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch #あつまれどうぶつの森 #あつ森 https://t.co/njRSWVbfmh
05-22 09:03

RT @JohneAwesome: RT if the maid on the left is just as cute as the maid on the right - also new episode out now https://t.co/XlV8qO64tl ht…
05-22 06:53

RT @KasiopeaArt: The Story was right there, ready, begging to be written. The banter. Their potential and chemistry. Poe&Finn vs Ben Solo.…
05-22 06:53

RT @Kirika_ma_cos: 今度は何かロック調で歌い出したんだけど… https://t.co/h3VyKaGyNr
05-22 06:39

RT @doktordemirhan: practical intelligence https://t.co/o4eDoklVLc
05-22 03:25

RT @GorditosGatitos: te quiero gatito que se asusta con la tostadora https://t.co/WyGGx0koRe
05-22 03:24

RT @ExtraVirgin_OO: 4 https://t.co/R8z5axfbAg
05-22 03:23

RT @aimoahmed: "There's *nothing* to forgive, Professor."---No context #Huleth sketches...which there will be, in that future Crimson Flo…
05-22 00:47

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