Tweets of 28th May


RT @akiratotsuka: in summit, keito called newdi "rebellious folk" so now i'm thinking about how every unit in newdi not only avoided being…
05-28 20:09

RT @tkrb_ht: (1/2)【くろのすけの本丸視察 十五】わたくしくろのすけ、本丸視察を開始いたします。皆さまのお邪魔にならぬよう努めてまいります。早速ではございますが、5月28日の木曜日の視察報告をお届けします▲▲#刀剣乱舞 #とうらぶ #本丸視察 https…
05-28 18:57

RT @akiratotsuka: can you believe tho. knights have already ALL gotten high rarity cards in the new app AND THEYRE ALL GACHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05-28 18:57

RT @CuriousZelda: In position Pupils wide Little shimmyThen I glide https://t.co/ZjqU5HW4ZD
05-28 18:53

RT @akiratotsuka: FUCK!!!!!!!!!!! https://t.co/lzjHLQkN7b
05-28 18:50

RT @ephemeral_smile: did anyone point out that the suit "colour" names for enst 5th anni are puns on the agency names.StarPro: 星色, 星 = sta…
05-28 18:50

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/vWjKiORQJh
05-28 18:09

RT @meltingchocoart: [fe3h] ⚔️ https://t.co/sxKPGNZ6no
05-28 09:12

RT @Shaggy6944: FINALLY ALL OF THE PERSONA GAMES ARE ON SWITCH #BreakFreePersona https://t.co/xWtCredZ1K
05-28 09:10

RT @voicegarage_ch: 本日5/27 22時より『伊東健人・狩野翔のスイどう』第42回を放送いたします https://t.co/H0IBchEkW7 #スイどう
05-28 08:57

RT @HlYORlSOU: he kept getting distracted https://t.co/W37NlfhEMQ
05-28 08:56

RT @sam_ieatboyss: Oscar Isaac speaking Spanish while staring directly at me was something I never knew I needed. https://t.co/cCpE0KsbAH
05-28 08:55

RT @ephemeral_smile: update i saw a jp tweet that speculated units are getting events in order of agency (excluding shuffle units):-tricks…
05-28 08:55

RT @HlYORlSOU: marshal wtf https://t.co/G3LU2QSBog
05-28 08:54

RT @aktf_wcbh: 牧師さんのオンライン説教中に服の中に侵入するねこ https://t.co/fPjwZmozk4
05-28 00:44

RT @ensemble_ensky: 【新商品情報】ミニサイズのペンライト『ルミエルペンライト(A〜Cbox)』が登場🥰手のひらに収まるサイズで、光らせて遊べます☺️!Abox:紅月、流星隊Bbox:UNDEAD、Valkyrie、SwitchCbox:Knig…
05-28 00:15

RT @royalquintet: chapter 20 is up!!!! 💞 https://t.co/2MoyWiVseS
05-28 00:14

RT @nemorinu: イデアが勝った時の挑発スキ https://t.co/m2AerzCfkl
05-28 00:14

RT @GiantSUBAru: 今夜20:00からヒプマイニコ生〜♪ https://t.co/j7TiVGL1K0
05-28 00:13

RT @21s_ken: すみません、画像間違えてました!入れ替えました。忘れて下さいすみませんホンマ今日と、来週のスイどうはー?? ー アメブロを更新しました#声優 https://t.co/X7teZwX27S
05-28 00:13

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