Tweets of 11th June


RT @TKMZ0: いっぱい食べて大きくなってね https://t.co/eef4hFoPKK
06-11 20:50

RT @gi_xxy: ジューンブライドなコジムサ https://t.co/ANNnKDkfim
06-11 13:07

RT @linvaniin: ah yes. me. my bed. and the paranoia that I'll get attacked in my sleep so I have a weapon with me at all times https://t.co
06-11 13:07

RT @chai_chai_chai0: ガラ支度中妄想(レオナの衣装構造わからなくて妄想強め)#ツイステファンアート https://t.co/MZm2GqcV2l
06-11 11:11

RT @PhantomArtifice: persona fans flooding youtube to watch the persona 4 golden pc walkthrough when it drops https://t.co/dVAAqg1YN5
06-11 10:25

RT @ThatKingxCold: Never forget he did such a good job telling the truth AT HIS JOB , they fired him for it.
06-11 10:24

RT @JoeZieja: Me and @JoeBrogie erupting in Turkish was just...not at all where I thought our stream together was going to go? https://t.co
06-11 08:40

RT @arktoons: RT to piss off a Persona 3 player https://t.co/PWr9jwK6Eo
06-11 08:39

RT @redheadreplica: Persona 4 fans waking up the day P4G drops on Steam https://t.co/UKYDE1Ani8
06-11 08:38

RT @naturevirals: Mother nature at it's best.🦋 https://t.co/Dt6mTKxfri
06-11 08:37

RT @raikoart: Kasumi from #P5R~ https://t.co/C4FWM7qTCx
06-11 08:36

RT @bigdumbrey: 👀 don't tell tw!tterhttps://t.co/Y47oksbQfP
06-11 08:10

#AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/prWX2acUbO
06-11 08:07

RT @radiotomo: 「伊東健人と中島ヨシキがあなたを夢中にさせるラジオ〜ゆめラジ〜」第86回配信です【パーソナリティ 伊東健人&中島ヨシキ】すっかり暑くなって夏の気候ですね☀️今回はふつおたをたくさん読んでいます!新コーナー「教えて!あるある〜」がありますよ〜!…
06-11 01:56

RT @Ryo_Kitamu: 今日、ふと外を見たら空がめちゃくちゃ綺麗だったから自撮りしたんだけどなんかアー写みたいになりました。どうぞ。 https://t.co/iLybAcG1Pl
06-11 01:55

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