Tweets of 19th July


RT @ephemeral_smile: this will always be my favourite part about rei's character; his boundless kindness and desire to meet peoples' expect…
07-19 22:02

RT @glassadmiration: im back for a bit!! to post some enstars town tunes i made!! feel free to send over suggestions! ill try my best to…
07-19 21:37

RT @Willanator93: Riyo style Summer Ingrid.Sothis play roundabout.#FireEmblem #FireEmblemThreeHouses #FE3H #FEHeroes #FEH https://t.co/E2
07-19 12:21

RT @animeasbestos: more like fire emblem weed houses amirite https://t.co/gLGgJEJPJm
07-19 12:20

RT @Htt_Zq: パーンパパパ…パーンパカパパーン https://t.co/tUTwqHqlAN
07-19 11:01

RT @cybele_nakano: ねこ整体 https://t.co/DiuSSv68NV
07-19 11:00

RT @cybele_nakano: ねこが膝に乗って来る整体院 https://t.co/dosimUkn3S
07-19 04:15

RT @niwatoricat: https://t.co/XeRebaVyQV
07-19 04:08

RT @heiramanome: there is not a single gacha game that is aimed towards minors. it doesn't matter if the setting is in high school. they ar…
07-19 03:41

RT @ToshikiMasuda38: リプリンだらけやんありがとう
07-19 02:36

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