Tweets of 2nd December


RT @brionesmaria58: A little better quality of Daisy checking on her bestie Adam if he’s okay, I just love their friendship so much since E…
12-02 18:26

RT @bpmweb: 楽しかったー!ずっといられる!(浅沼)#東京コミコン2017 https://t.co/cdFwXPCFG4
12-02 18:24

RT @ununsudngnbtt: ワイルド https://t.co/i5Ssyay57e
12-02 14:12

RT @JimmyKimmelLive: A special @StarWars cast show TONIGHT with @HamillHimself #AdamDriver #DaisyRidley @RianJohnson @JohnBoyega #OscarIsaa
12-02 13:23

RT @JimmyKimmelLive: Kicking off @StarWars season with a special cast show TONIGHT! @HamillHimself #AdamDriver #DaisyRidley @JohnBoyega #Os
12-02 13:01

RT @KhaosMuffins: I didn't realize Lili was in a Digimon game and was drawn by the Devil Survivor artist can we discuss this blessing real…
12-02 11:38

RT @JimmyKimmelLive: Backstage at #Kimmel with @JohnBoyega, Oscar Isaac, @AndySerkis, @LoveGwendoline Christie, Kelly Marie Tran & @LauraDe
12-02 11:37

RT @Persona_Central: Persona 5 Official Manga Volume 2 Cover Revealed - https://t.co/ZIzEt6LeCf https://t.co/DJOLt4Bxgh
12-02 11:37

RT @Kojima_Hideo: https://t.co/ZBLxlyPdBh
12-02 10:53

RT @gdgd37458: おはよ!アニメイト大阪日本橋店にてカレンダー発売記念イベント!まだ店舗にてお買い上げしていただければ参加出来ますので、もしお時間あれば遊びに来てください(*^^*)待ってまーす!! https://t.co/tA0oDCxY32
12-02 10:52

RT @JimmyKimmelLive: The force is strong on #Kimmel TONIGHT with the cast of @StarWars #TheLastJedi! @RianJohnson @HamillHimself #AdamDrive
12-02 10:51

RT @DaisyRidreyNews: NEW: Backstage at #Kimmel with Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, @rianjohnson & Mark @HamillHimself #TheLastJedi https://t.co
12-02 10:50

RT @DavidAcuff: Sith Happens#darkside #starwars #kyloren #darthvader #501st #stormtrooper #HollywoodChristmasParade #montalbantheater #hol
12-02 00:41

RT @shaunburrowst38: 18 days to #TheLastJedi #starwars @SW_ArtGallery @starwars @LifeOfStarWars @StarWarsCount @StarWars__World @StarWarsUK
12-02 00:40

RT @starwarstuff: #TheLastJedi Character Posters, REY & KYLO REN! https://t.co/a5CsBtsqku
12-02 00:36

RT @StarWarsAbsolut: "The center of this story is Rey and Kylo Ren. They stand on the opposite sides but the boundary in between is thin. T…
12-02 00:36

RT @lootcrate: Happy #ChristmasLightsDay! 😉 https://t.co/La33uufJl6
12-02 00:33

RT @laylax_official: @gdgd37458 今日は来社ありがとうございました!色々と楽しんで頂けたみたいで(笑)アームズマガジン企画、コラボ動画、それから先も色々…楽しいことたくさんやっていきましょう!(何に驚いてくれてるか?はまだ内緒にしておきます…
12-02 00:32

RT @gdgd37458: あんさんぶるスターズ!DREAM LIVE -1st Tour “Morning Star!”-Zeppなんば大阪いってきましたーー!!びっくりするぐらい楽しかったし、めちゃくちゃ感動した。そしてなによりみんなかっこよかった!いやぁ…素…
12-02 00:30

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