Tweets of 18th December


RT @sameduma: はしれソリよ~かぜのように~月海原を~ https://t.co/SYnGYwUrXr
12-18 16:42

RT @ensemble_stage: 『あんさんぶるスターズ!オン・ステージ』~To the shining future~/散り散りになったTrickstar・・・彼らは再び合流し舞台に立つことができるのか・・・!!/公演キービジュアルを公開!! https://t.co/
12-18 16:07

RT @arinbang: 极限半小时😂 https://t.co/AQVDbQ7RcC
12-18 16:07

RT @PresidentShow: People love the president.https://t.co/ls9rakOgjJ
12-18 15:42

RT @HamillHimself: "...the next delivery will be something of yours in a much smaller box!'" #SharpestTongueDeliversCowTongue #ClassicCarri
12-18 15:38

RT @kyleauxren: Y'ALL https://t.co/tWysfnOzbX
12-18 15:01

RT @eliajoy: Found this gold on Tumblr HAHAHA 😂😂😂 #Reylo #TheLastJedi #spoilers https://t.co/jLEqbXi1g8
12-18 14:09

RT @crank_in_net: 津田健次郎、『スター・ウォーズ』吹き替えは「時間を掛けて丁寧に」役作り秘話明かす #津田健次郎 #スター・ウォーズ #映画 https://t.co/cUcgxMlFXc https://t.co/to6kfXDvCY
12-18 14:01

RT @StarWarsUK: Calling all rebels! Last chance to bid on the limited edition #StarWarsNote, celebrating the launch of #TheLastJedi! Exclus…
12-18 13:55

RT @IGN: The new #StarWars movie captures everything we loved about the late actress and her iconic character.https://t.co/69oQlmO8dE htt…
12-18 13:55

I got Finn! | Quiz: Which Star Wars: The Last Jedi Character Are You? | https://t.co/VqPIfwIrPQ https://t.co/oiTS1zkYDs
12-18 11:49

RT @briankesinger: This was a fun commission to draw! #qwenpool #spidergwen #marvel https://t.co/ey5NS1oD3B
12-18 08:55

RT @jenyamato: For the #RoseTico #PaigeTico stans, out January 31, 2018 from @IDWPublishing: Star Wars: Forces of Destiny - Rose & Paige…
12-18 08:54

RT @starwars: She found a teacher. #TheLastJedi(Art by @100Soft​.) https://t.co/lZHegDehBV
12-18 08:54

RT @sleemo_: Early concept art of Rey from "The Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi" inspired by Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa - https://t.…
12-18 01:03

RT @ABRAMSbooks: 🚨New release alert!🚨 'The Art of @starwars: The Last Jedi' by @PhilSzostak is now available online and at a retailer near…
12-18 01:02

RT @adam_d1356: 映画終了タイミングはかったかと思うほどのナイスタイミング!NYtimes撮影裏、ありがとうございます🙌#AdamDriver#DomhnallGleeson https://t.co/mHhnDXAwAj https://t.co/9X
12-18 01:02

RT @DaisyRidreyNews: NEW: Photos of Daisy from #TheLastJedi Collectors Edition 2017 #DaisyRidley https://t.co/RCVyQUTHxw
12-18 01:02

RT @sleemo_: John Boyega explains why he gave Adam Driver hugs on the set of #TheLastJedi "I tried to make Adam Driver just happy, you know…
12-18 01:02

RT @JoonasSuotamo: What makes me happy? This cheerful gang on an elevator ride before taking the stage at the @RoyalAlbertHall #thelastjedi
12-18 01:00

RT @sleemo_: Speed Round With the Star Wars #TheLastJedi Cast: "Kylo Ren or Rey?" | https://t.co/0t0MFexRUY @JohnBoyega @lovegwendoline @La
12-18 00:59

RT @Kiddo_hah: #TheLastJedi #Reylo it's official! my favorite ship now ! https://t.co/KHnMson5QW
12-18 00:58

RT @starwarstuff: How the Prequel trilogy mirrored and rhymed the Original.It's like poetry. https://t.co/oNWPSEqT4S
12-18 00:58

RT @starwars: Wishing a very happy birthday to the writer and director of Star Wars: #TheLastJedi, @RianJohnson! https://t.co/iatk1XcCOX
12-18 00:57

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