Tweets of 19th December


RT @Kiddo_hah: #Reylo #TheLastJedi There were so many times I thought this moment is gonna happen! https://t.co/weMoeelvZf
12-19 22:14

RT @reammm: HI...#StarWarsTheLasJedi https://t.co/4BNMaKBkox
12-19 22:13

RT @sata3: 暁天 https://t.co/lVGzx6A0We
12-19 14:59

RT @osokart: Osomatsu-san x Matsukiyo fourth campaign video, Ichimatsu suffers through a job application asking for what his "appeal" is. A…
12-19 14:58

RT @theswlegacy: Filming for #IX will begin June 2018 at Pinewood Studios, UK. https://t.co/KhvpvD4sC5
12-19 12:39

RT @sleemo_: #AdamDriver on why Ben Solo/Kylo Ren idolized Vader: “There’s something about looking around where you are & not identifying w…
12-19 11:21

RT @kickgirl: [There's still good in him I know it] #reylo #fanart #sorrynotsorry https://t.co/PC1GgwINl3
12-19 08:44

RT @LuCri2: I am dead... OMG.... In episode IX Adam Driver is named as Kylo Ren/Ben Solo... I AM SHOCKING #Reylo #SaveBenSolo #StarWars #R
12-19 08:43

RT @sleemo_: #MarkHamill photographed by Jesse Dittmar for @nytimes - https://t.co/4wwkdRf7WT https://t.co/uokZettr6w
12-19 08:19

RT @sleemo_: #AdamDriver photographed by Jesse Dittmar for @nytimes - https://t.co/4wwkdRf7WT https://t.co/Mfl2qAh6Tj
12-19 08:16

RT @IGN: SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN #THELASTJEDI!!Here are our 10 best theories about what we think might happen in #StarWars Epis…
12-19 06:44

RT @rentlain: Зима - это весело))) https://t.co/u9IccwORtQ
12-19 06:44

RT @briankesinger: Spoiler: I loved #thelastjedi!!! #lilkylo #starwars #calvinandhobbes https://t.co/xDTnOwIyWL
12-19 06:37

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