Tweets of 21st December


RT @Kiddo_hah: #Reylo my friend just told me the cutest reylo theory so I did this very young Ben solo n still at Jedi kindergarten Rey htt…
12-21 15:53

RT @xkhaleesea: so i tweaked an old doodle some...surprise surprise it's more #Reylo #fanart 👍✨ https://t.co/EZBqCaqHU6
12-21 15:52

RT @ensemble_stars: 【配信開始のお知らせ】ユニットソングCD 3rdシーズンのSwitchとTrickstarの楽曲が、iTunes Storeなどの各種音楽配信サイトで配信開始です!配信サイトでは1曲ずつでも購入可能ですので、気になる楽曲があればぜひご検…
12-21 15:08

RT @ToiletPaperChar: i love luke with my LIFE https://t.co/SpjvhOXNaC
12-21 13:44

RT @sleemo_: 👀 https://t.co/Kg4wgoIg3B #TheLastJedi https://t.co/wi0hpysDt4
12-21 13:15

RT @kyleauxren: IM LOSING IT https://t.co/KtkzsxCEi1
12-21 13:04

RT @jonhboyega: we all imagined poe late at night sitting next to finn’s unconscious body sewing the jacket but actually he just stapled it…
12-21 13:03

RT @osomatsu_hkw: 【ガチャ新キャラ紹介:12/22(金)18:00登場】マツノフの一族が1953年頃、南ヨーロッパで目撃されたとの文献が見つかった−へそウォ史上最強☆4「一松:ヴァンパイア(Xマス)」新発売!#へそウォ #新発売 #おそ松さん http…
12-21 13:02

RT @pepepegle: https://t.co/uZkxKe9sFx
12-21 12:01

RT @plzshipreylo: 팔베개 레일로 의미따윈 없다 https://t.co/QdN0Gby0KV
12-21 11:58

RT @IGN: #StarWars: #TheLastJedi director #RianJohnson on Luke's greatest temptation to the Dark Side and one of his film's most controvers…
12-21 11:07

RT @Bombabouse: "Would you rather go on a date with Finn or Poe ?" Daisy Ridley and Kelly Marie Tran, intellectuals : https://t.co/8m2wY0
12-21 10:59

RT @Marvel: Don't interrupt Strange. Seriously. Watch Doctor Strange take on Loki in the new Marvel & @OriginalFunko animated short, "Time…
12-21 10:57

RT @SarahCAndersen: https://t.co/ZRxw1d13EV
12-21 08:22

RT @IGN: Women in Video Game Development in 2017: A Snapshot https://t.co/JmayY14m1q https://t.co/V5tTsW9ajr
12-21 08:21

RT @Persona_Central: Weekly Famitsu magazine issue #1516 (released on December 21, 2017) features Catherine: Full Body, with a new illustra…
12-21 08:21

RT @amy_geek: A #HotToys General Leia figure? Here, take my credits. (via https://t.co/FAiYD6mNyU) https://t.co/g67HCOD79G
12-21 07:30

RT @OriginalFunko: RT & follow @OriginalFunko for the chance to win a Vice Admiral Holdo Pop! #TheLastJedi https://t.co/2x1eoTPH93
12-21 07:30

RT @fujio0311: レイロでおやすみ https://t.co/Bl1VGSdXTr
12-21 07:30

RT @sleemo_: “On the First Order ship, there was an extra shot of Finn arranging their First Order uniform disguises on an elevator before…
12-21 07:30

RT @elithienart: Force bonded #reylo #stawars #thelastjedi https://t.co/XeOGvtXqgU
12-21 07:30

RT @starwars: Experience Kelly Marie Tran's incredible journey to become Rose Tico, hero of the Resistance, in #TheLastJedi. https://t.co/z
12-21 07:30

RT @vivi_vivi_125: この子むり……………(灬ºωº灬)♡ https://t.co/rL5qL6Nve4
12-21 01:15

RT @CuriousZelda: Human: My cat has an easy lifeMe: https://t.co/e8kvlVhUdR
12-21 01:15

RT @briankesinger: #lilkylo #rey #mistletoe #merrysithmas https://t.co/1AudrRXoBv
12-21 01:15

RT @gdgd37458: 出し惜しみせず。思わず内股になっちゃうくらいには、はっちゃけてます。そこのあなた。今からでも遅くないよ。明日、初日!1人じゃちょっとなぁ、こわいかもなぁ、って方はお誘い合わせの上、来ちゃいなよ。待ってます。 https:/…
12-21 01:15

RT @gdgd37458: 四谷怪談場当たりしてきました。劇場入るとまた違った景色。四つの角度から無限に広がる景色。見てください。何回でも。まだお席あります。是非。 https://t.co/l8DGmj0b7n
12-21 01:14

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