Tweets of 7th January


RT @people: Star Wars: The Last Jedi: How Adam Driver Went the Distance for Daisy Ridley During Filming https://t.co/hPc5KMidRt
01-07 23:36

RT @sleemo_: “...In The Force Awakens, the interrogation scene, that was one of the most intriguing scenes to me ... when I saw the scene t…
01-07 23:35

RT @iamjoonlee: return of the jedi:“i have to face him.”the last jedi:“i came to face him.” https://t.co/uhR6lMJhyX
01-07 23:35

RT @sleemo_: Landscape version #KyloRen #AdamDriver #TheLastJedi https://t.co/mH2HUpimeP
01-07 23:34

RT @sleemo_: Landscape version #KyloRen #Rey #DaisyRidley #AdamDriver https://t.co/MPbkf01PB4
01-07 23:34

RT @sleemo_: NEW: Rey and Kylo Ren face the praetorian guards in Star Wars: The Last Jedi (officially released photo) https://t.co/4HK0qOhX
01-07 21:20

RT @shima_spoon: 😉⭐️ https://t.co/eGQK5EiWpp
01-07 11:39

RT @uechan_0905: オワリッ。いい仕事初めでした。怪しげなきたむーちゃんと一緒でしたよ。 https://t.co/30b9iv7Seh
01-07 11:37

RT @sleemo_: ❤️ https://t.co/QjPJregust
01-07 00:27

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