Tweets of 8th January


RT @nao23_TK: アマテラスに出演してくれた翔太くんと優一くんも来てくれました!ありがとう!アマテラスDVD、絶賛発売中でございます!#少年社中 https://t.co/CpxbedlB4R
01-08 16:27

RT @JordanFreiman: I'm still holding out hope that we get a scene where Adam Driver does this while standing on the bridge of a Star Destro…
01-08 14:52

RT @PeteBlackburn: Natalie Portman went into savage mode and poor Guillermo del Toro never saw it coming https://t.co/DF0BAcReSt
01-08 13:11

RT @catsu: https://t.co/j5S7nGY9do
01-08 11:57

RT @ensemble_stage: 本日は1月6日生まれ瑛さんのお誕生日をお祝いさせていただきました!瑛さんお誕生日おめでとうございます!!稽古も残りあとわずか!本番に向けてがんばりましょう! https://t.co/xpCoOO6IIe
01-08 11:57

RT @GeeksOfColor: Gwendoline Christie may, in fact, be a Goddess. #GoldenGlobes #TIMESUP https://t.co/qC15w4wItx
01-08 11:05

RT @jen_aberin: space twins https://t.co/WGFt2gabiw
01-08 11:02

RT @adam_d1356: あだむも一緒に「衝撃のスターウォーズ」言っててかわゆい😳https://t.co/EtgnIqyMjM https://t.co/tCMSNbwcv6
01-08 08:22

RT @starwarstuff: poetic cinema https://t.co/ljDVvWR2eZ
01-08 08:21

RT @sleemo_: THREAD: #StarWars #TheLastJedi Production Notes - Daisy Ridley https://t.co/FZY6xTpqaqOn Rey meeting Luke Skywalker: “I thin…
01-08 08:21

RT @sleemo_: On Kylo Ren’s relationship w Rey: “At the center of it are these two people who are on opposite sides but divided by something…
01-08 08:20

RT @sleemo_: “I don’t know that he ever comes to terms with the relationship of the light & dark within him...That’s the thing that Rian un…
01-08 08:19

RT @sleemo_: “Adam is one of my favorite young actors, and working through cracking open such an enigmatic and intense character with Adam…
01-08 08:19

RT @sleemo_: Daisy Ridley discusses the throne room scene and the lessons she learned while working closely with Mark Hamill. – BAFTA Q&A #…
01-08 08:17

RT @CNNLADavid: I see @use_theforce_em is starting 2018 the way she ended 2017: knocking it out of the park on #StarWarsTheLastJedi. Great…
01-08 06:42

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