Tweets of 10th January


RT @camerondeuel: Recently rewatched the Harry Potter series & I just want to say this: thank god for the Luna Lovegoods of the world https…
01-10 15:00

RT @EmrgencyKittens: Dunkin likes attention. https://t.co/qWG9ZOroCs
01-10 14:59

RT @tsuchiya_ast: シッポを巻いているが態度は大きい https://t.co/TsdCLSwxHu
01-10 14:20

RT @theswlegacy: the darkside https://t.co/CKzdSF2uiD
01-10 14:19

RT @donten_anime: 【⛩前篇BD&DVD本日発売!📀】『曇天に笑う<外伝> ~決別、犲の誓い~』通常版BD&DVDは本日発売✨✨是非ご家庭で何度でもご覧になってくださいね❣️https://t.co/SYrR6HJUAY6/9(土)公開の中篇BD&…
01-10 14:15

RT @noctilin: co-op https://t.co/bFt6nJHWJc
01-10 14:14

RT @Persona_Central: High resolution image for the second Persona 5 the Animation key visual, featuring Ryuji Sakamoto. - https://t.co/LmzE
01-10 14:07

RT @sleemo_: Oscar Isaac on #TheLastJedi “I know this is almost a sacrilegious thing to say, but it’s like [the story] transcends Star Wars…
01-10 11:09

RT @starwars: Twin terrors. #TheLastJedi https://t.co/MxA9UcHCig
01-10 10:25

RT @lootcrate: Deadpool director Tim Miller is currently developing a Marvel movie that revolves around Kitty Pryde! https://t.co/6nbLwtCT
01-10 08:59

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