Tweets of 12th January


RT @sleemo_: "It's all in the movie" https://t.co/N3CzAmU4B1
01-12 16:53

RT @noctilin: why is ryuji the most beautiful goddamn popcorn i have ever laid my eyes upon https://t.co/H084cf2Umr
01-12 16:15

RT @ensemble_stars: 【スカウト予告】14日15時より期間限定キャンペーン『スカウト!十二支(後編)』を開始予定です!海洋生物部ですこし遅めの新年会を行う奏汰、繁華街で猿回しをする斑……後半もそれぞれの冬の物語 #あんスタ https://t.co/tO26
01-12 15:09

RT @briankesinger: #tbt to one of my favorite #calvinandhobbes #starwars mashup commissions. #hansolo #chewbacca #rathtar https://t.co/Cuyw
01-12 14:38

RT @twinpks: Domhnall Gleeson and Oscar Isaac (being dorks) at Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere https://t.co/ajWHRKMjhw
01-12 12:50

RT @twinpks: Domhnall: [off-screen] SHUT UP, OSCAR! SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH! https://t.co/BxrGoGDqFF
01-12 12:50

RT @colo2019sw: 床暖のあるとこでぬくぬくレイロ https://t.co/XzmlNzUf8m
01-12 11:03

RT @takasaki_shota: 今日もお疲れ様でした!ゆうたにもらった!ありがとー! https://t.co/9uN67gIgXn
01-12 11:03

RT @ensemble_stage: 【Blu-ray&DVD・イベント情報】#あんステ ~Judge of Knights~ BD&DVD本日発売!発売記念イベント発表!■2/24(土)大阪近郊:橋本祥平、前山剛久、大崎捺希、櫻井圭登、上田堪大■4/8(日)東京近郊…
01-12 10:56

RT @starwars: Poll: What is Your Favorite Ship from #TheLastJedi?**Rey and Kylo don't count.https://t.co/tpvdZuRYgR https://t.co/YpssZ0p
01-12 09:38

RT @e_charretier: My cover for Star Wars Forces of Destiny- Rey has finally been revealed! 🙌 Wonderful colors by @COLORnMATT! Story by @Jod
01-12 09:38

RT @LEGO_Group: The force is toasty! 🍞 #GoBrickTheForce #LEGOBrickHeadz #LEGOStarWars https://t.co/BJIURmFe7G
01-12 09:36

RT @VancityReynolds: May 18. #MaximumEffort https://t.co/s7aCBXbaFF
01-12 09:35

RT @sleemo_: Rian Johnson: “I typed Episode VIII out on a MacBook Air. For security it was “air-gapped”—never connected to the internet. I…
01-12 06:09

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