Tweets of 13th January


RT @reylosource: I'm going to TRY to go to sleep, can't wait to see what I wake up to.Goodnight to @starwars and @rianjohnson only. And F…
01-13 18:06

RT @starwars: Go back to Jakku (everyone wants to) with @IDWPublishing's Star Wars #ForcesOfDestiny: Rey. https://t.co/LMB39fOf2Q https://t…
01-13 18:05

RT @Hello_Tailor: How Marvel's Poe Dameron comic sets up his role in The Last Jedi. https://t.co/AMEuYQmc58 https://t.co/Qe4XCUDkSN
01-13 18:05

RT @leighlahav: My dream for next movie is rey saying this while continuing to kick his ass(Kylo appreciates this) https://t.co/adhvHGopE4
01-13 18:04

RT @_seonga_: 'Last Jedi' i watched 3times👏👏👏 https://t.co/SskrM5aOm9
01-13 18:03

RT @sleemo_: Ad for the home release of #TheLastJedi. It includes over 2 hours of bonus footage, deleted scenes, etc. The 4K is $35, steelb…
01-13 18:03

RT @rianjohnson: Inventions ranked by usefulness, 20183. The telephone 2. The wheel1. This gif https://t.co/YdyzCbzp6W
01-13 04:37

RT @elithienart: Half of me is mad I get such angsty commission prompts but the other have is snorting it like crack. Thank you Chantelle f…
01-13 04:36

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