Tweets of 16th January


RT @pakosun: https://t.co/oUljfrNxO5
01-16 22:26

RT @winduzam: 3 types of people you’ll meet on the plane https://t.co/D5rbfhHu3K
01-16 22:22

RT @sleemo_: “I do struggle with the training [...] It’s a psychological thing of knowing you can do it more & more. In Force Awakens, I wa…
01-16 22:22

RT @sleemo_: “The training went beyond getting muscular: it was about how my character uses his body. [...] You should be able to get a sen…
01-16 22:22

RT @sleemo_: Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley on the intense physical training they underwent in preparation for their scenes in #TheLastJedi […
01-16 22:22

RT @sleemo_: NEW: Adam Driver as Kylo Ren in #TheLastJedi https://t.co/BO9JIY4fRS
01-16 22:21

RT @Kiddo_hah: #reylo reylo date ...🍼🍷 https://t.co/16g8vgaZb5
01-16 22:21

RT @Kiddo_hah: #reylo I am so busy today but I can't stop thinking about this scene , have to draw it down! 😊 https://t.co/s7753xMi41
01-16 22:20

RT @videocats: 😼 https://t.co/bKk8q2HSky
01-16 22:20

RT @OriginalFunko: RT & follow @OriginalFunko for a chance to WIN a Smuggler's Bounty SITH box.📦 The SITH box closes tonight! Reserve you…
01-16 22:19

RT @sleemo_: Vice Admiral Holdo personally asked Rose Tico to “teach her technicians about the baffler technology she had created” and it’s…
01-16 22:19

RT @ensemble_stars: 【お知らせ】2月21日(水)発売の他校ユニット『Eden』のユニットCDのジャケットイラストを公開!試聴開始は別途お知らせしますのでお楽しみに♪ #あんスタ https://t.co/Zgqphr3USj
01-16 22:18

RT @juridget: 昔のオモチャを整理するはずが、懐かしくてついつい遊んじゃう人 https://t.co/LK1ngok2Kk
01-16 12:59

RT @juridget: ちょっとオーバースケールだけど許容範囲内かな https://t.co/0fEzDG8bW3
01-16 12:58

RT @juridget: サイズ比ちょっと違うけど遊んでみると違和感感じないかな https://t.co/ovwhUhoWV4
01-16 12:58

RT @juridget: スノーク最高総司令の「死ぬほど」カッコイイ写真撮りました https://t.co/YO0ZkIrVzZ
01-16 12:55

RT @juridget: Rey-Dark side- https://t.co/NI4NUglAFg
01-16 12:55

RT @juridget: 椅子と某名探偵の相性がすごい https://t.co/Y23OFLG6aK
01-16 12:53

RT @juridget: 悪質な悪戯 https://t.co/KqJHHgMIJa
01-16 12:52

RT @juridget: ねんどろカイロレン開けました https://t.co/cayylzIjm9
01-16 12:50

RT @juridget: ごめんね https://t.co/TzCZktK3SB
01-16 12:36

RT @elithienart: kylo ren bust commission <3 always happy whenever i get a commission like this #kyloren #starwars #thelastjedi https://t.c
01-16 12:36

RT @sleemo_: — Rian Johnson in his interview with The Empire Film Podcast https://t.co/3IKs3y8J0M #TheLastJedi #KyloRen
01-16 12:35

RT @sleemo_: “From his POV, it’s a very naked, open, emotional appeal. It’s his version of ‘I’m just a girl standing in front of a guy aski…
01-16 12:35

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