Tweets of 6th February


RT @GlobalTV: Natalie Portman is rapping again!! #SNL https://t.co/B3IdUKw5Hk
02-06 23:24

RT @nekonotehu: あ、梱包のプロだ https://t.co/3sg9cQ7Gc2
02-06 18:08

RT @Natume_Yudai: あんステTSF大千秋楽終わりました!!たくさんの応援ありがとうなんだぜ〜!!やっと陸上部集まれたんだぜ!家族みたいなあたたかい居場所いつかママともあえたらいいな〜そしてレオちゃん先輩ともあえたんだぜ!インスピレーションがわく…
02-06 16:40

RT @sleemo_: Rian Johnson: “We do move Snoke along in this movie, but he is still there to be the out-and-out bad guy. Kylo Ren is a more…
02-06 15:38

RT @takasaki_shota: 一日たちまして!おはよー!よし!元気にいこー!素敵な写真シリーズ。 https://t.co/WuLHVTsKts
02-06 15:06

RT @sleemo_: Official Kylo Ren-themed birthday cards. #StarWars #TheLastJedi https://t.co/pWVPdEbiID
02-06 12:14

RT @noctilin: hamuko's lazy to style her own hair because it's just unmanageable but luckily yukari has the patience of a saint when it com…
02-06 11:45

RT @sleemo_: Natalie Portman photographed by Mary Ellen Matthews for @nbcsnl - [1/2] https://t.co/XpQvyUNGVI
02-06 11:44

RT @cherrizard: watch til the end for a good mlem https://t.co/2tMejkKgTd
02-06 11:34

RT @sleemo_: https://t.co/mF9medpOpz
02-06 11:31

RT @sleemo_: Kylo is just like his grandma Padme https://t.co/sSfiyxIU3F
02-06 11:31

RT @pewdiepie: https://t.co/R3kCjkfISG
02-06 11:31

RT @sleemo_: Domhnall Gleeson on Mr. McGregor from Peter Rabbit versus Hux: “In terms of most evil and most deaths caused, you have to go w…
02-06 11:25

RT @racheljpierce: marvel: thanos is gonna do something real bad in the first five minutes of infinity warloki: https://t.co/0ZJyrW6pGo
02-06 11:15

RT @Kiddo_hah: #gingerpilot rabbit Poe ~💕 https://t.co/aPxBq2SmNZ
02-06 11:14

RT @maechan_we_taka: 「あんステTSF」大千秋楽、無事終了。支えてくれたみなさんに心から感謝します。「愛だけでは、アイドルになれない。けれど愛がなければ、アイドルになる資格はない。」このセリフに何度救われたか。役者として、アイドルとして、これからも…
02-06 07:27

RT @AtlusUSA: Persona 5 has been nominated in several categories including "Excellence in Art" and "Excellence in Musical Score" in the #SX
02-06 06:42

RT @starwars: Watch the new teaser trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story and see it in theaters May 25. #HanSolo https://t.co/4QSJUPi8SO
02-06 06:41

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