Tweets of 7th February


RT @tmtm_pmpm_: #軽い気持ちで描いたら思った以上に反響があった絵ここらへん https://t.co/JciW9Vwcy9
02-07 16:51

RT @SW_ArtGallery: "The Force Awakens x-ray portraits"by Wowly (#StarWars">https://t.co/POsUp0Kqb5)#StarWars #TheForceAwakens #fanart https://t.co/0
02-07 16:46

RT @tsuchiya_ast: ホットカーペットを満喫している https://t.co/6EwOVyEpSU
02-07 16:38

RT @azinori555: ピピポプ https://t.co/eaD3daezkI
02-07 16:14

RT @CuriousZelda: I'm a writerI'm a thinkerNot a fighterNot a blinker https://t.co/eiS9BP95sI
02-07 16:12

RT @Hikarinoakarios: May’n – You (Single) Mahoutsukai no Yome OP2 https://t.co/DrKaekq5SU https://t.co/hKCwegC66S
02-07 16:01

RT @theswlegacy: Daisy was cast as Rey four years ago today, February the 5th, 2014.she crafted Rey into an iconic and inspiring star war…
02-07 15:37

RT @fujimarl: 次の打ち合わせまで、ちがうネタを考える。 https://t.co/qpd4a2DcCh
02-07 15:37

RT @catsu: https://t.co/B8XfxJcduh
02-07 15:33

RT @EmrgencyKittens: You seeing this?! https://t.co/D7cj3USptc
02-07 15:33

RT @junya_komatsu: あんステTSFブログを書き進めながら、どの写真載せようかなー!と見返してたら、これ、すぐつぶやきたくなりました。笑もう一人のあんステメンバー。ん?何か気になるのか?少々不安だが、貴様の真面目な表情に免じて指摘をいただくとしよ…月永…
02-07 15:32

RT @shima_spoon: best friends https://t.co/F0C8YByNkM
02-07 12:19

RT @Kiddo_hah: Check out new work on my @Behance portfolio: "Little Red Riding Hood" https://t.co/Ox9HWuU36A
02-07 12:19

RT @reylosource: proof that a pea coat makes anything look stylish, even a simple cotton v-neck.also adam driver. https://t.co/GmmUMZWcJv
02-07 12:08

RT @MTV: Which of Domhnall Gleeson's ideas for a spin-off of #StarWars' "most beloved character" do you like the most? https://t.co/wY7XX91
02-07 12:08

RT @sleemo_: Here's the clip of Rian discussing the throne room scene & the lightsaber fight which I transcribed last week - https://t.co/X
02-07 12:08

RT @sleemo_: .@rianjohnson on how watching raw footage from #TheForceAwakens as they were filming it helped him write #TheLastJedi: “Seeing…
02-07 12:08

RT @sleemo_: .@rianjohnson on the Lucasfilm story group: “They are the smartest, coolest people whose hearts are so in the right place ...…
02-07 12:07

RT @sleemo_: Kelly Marie Tran and @HamillHimself presented the award for "Best Movie for Grownups" to @rianjohnson at AARP’s 17th Annual #M
02-07 08:09

RT @Kiddo_hah: #reylo commission ,rule the galaxy together ~💕and the ref image as requested ~btw commission is still open, DM me~😉 https:/…
02-07 08:09

RT @nonoyamatsu: イタリアの伊達四男🇮🇹 https://t.co/Ub0xzn0SgM
02-07 08:05

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