Tweets of 28th February


RT @reysroses: “When he felt Leia’s presence he was surprised, Leia sensed him too. Kylo thought he was going to be full of hate, instead h…
02-28 22:53

RT @sleemo_: On Google it says that a new Star Wars #ForcesOfDestiny episode will air on March 25, 2018.[via ravenclawsolo on tumblr http…
02-28 15:42

RT @osomatsu_stage: 🌟舞台『おそ松さん on STAGE ~SIX MEN’S SHOW TIME 2~』🌟東京公演まであと1⃣日❗❗6つ子キャストからテンションMAXなメッセージが到着💫東京千秋楽LVチケットも絶賛発売中です🎶🔸チケットぴあ:htt…
02-28 14:58

RT @EmrgencyKittens: he scream https://t.co/X0bNsYnjeJ
02-28 14:57

RT @starwarsjapan: 『#スターウォーズ/#最後のジェダイ』がいよいよ3/8(木)で上映終了!一緒に観にいきたい人へのおねだりはこちらをリツイート😉 https://t.co/zC4j3NQKJ6
02-28 14:05

RT @Kiddo_hah: #reylo this is my personal thing ...😆 https://t.co/u8HHx6MG1r
02-28 13:55

RT @rachel_huey88: Be afraid, be very afraid #WakandaForever https://t.co/4atczWCweS
02-28 13:50

RT @sleemo_: More from the Star Wars Databank https://t.co/rBewPW8nGc - #TheLastJedi [3/3] https://t.co/21L1deUYAC
02-28 13:50

RT @s_696: 電撃マオウ4月号発売中です!『P4U2』足立さんですら頑張っているのでロクロめも頑張らねばというきもち…の33話クライマックスでございますィヨロシクゥウウウウ~~~~!!!!!Amazon≫https://t.co/YBpUC6O9oeWEB配信≫h…
02-28 12:54

02-28 12:24

RT @RedMakuzawa: 2B, 9S and A2 character illustrations for the Star Ocean Mobile game. https://t.co/EhohkiYXt7
02-28 12:13

RT @iamgeekingout: 240p vs 1080p https://t.co/oRkM5Wgj4G
02-28 10:46

RT @Crunchyroll: Today in The Daily Life of Crunchyroll-Hime (by @coughdrops!) we learn a little bit about Hime's cat -- YUZU! 🐾 https://t.…
02-28 07:59

RT @rneoyrlao: あのうみのいろ / 転生現パロキャシジン https://t.co/3AbxnbvGW9
02-28 07:57

RT @IGN: "First Groot is dead. Baby Groot is his son." - @JamesGunn https://t.co/6oHPyBNrEN https://t.co/Q8Fru0rxjz
02-28 07:56

RT @catsu: https://t.co/x9OUzqwntE
02-28 07:56

RT @sleemo_: BTS of Rey confronting Snoke from Star Wars #TheLastJedi - https://t.co/0LQvjw9WMB #DaisyRidley @andyserkis https://t.co/P2tS6
02-28 06:40

RT @ToratoraHsmt: 25日に配布したレイロペーパーです、2p目だけぷらいべったにににににににににに。https://t.co/yQxeqLz6hJ https://t.co/R40x357J87
02-28 06:40

RT @neetnyan101: レイロスピーダーに乗って爆走デート!2枚目は英語版(しきこさん監修🤗) https://t.co/nhY6cyDDM2
02-28 06:39

RT @starwars: Advice from an expert. #TheLastJedi https://t.co/xeRW7WrUlL
02-28 06:37

RT @reysroses: I’VE NEVER SEEN THIS PICTURE BEFORE https://t.co/kEesp0gZDz
02-28 06:37

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